What is metaexplorer?
Metaexplorer is a powerfull tool that utilizes knowledge generation. It integrates multiple primary data sources into a single Knowledge Base.

Known relations between the data are described in an ontology oriented unified descriptive framework; new relations are inferred using the existing ones. All this combined with novel, high-performance search algorithms makes the Metaexplorer extremely useful tool for performing efficient research inquiries.
Which databases are included?
Metaexplorer integrates wide variety of public databases:

Blocks, Enzyme, Genbank, GenPept, GO, InterPro, Medline, NCBI Gene, NCBI Taxonomy, Nref, OMIM, PDB, Pfam, PfamB, PhenomicDB, Prosite, PrositeDoc, Refseq Nucleic, Refseq Protein, UniGene, UniProt, UniRef100.
How can i access metaexplorer?

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