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Metalife is a leading provider of information technology services to the life sciences market. We provide full featured desktop applications to our customers along with the option to integrate their proprietary data sources and software tools. Our solutions installed in-house enhance the productivity of our customers' research teams while protecting their sensitive proprietary data.

Metalife's holistic approach to bioinformatics combines semantic data integration, text mining and knowledge generation enabling researchers to activate, compare and analyze data from all sources across the various phases of the research and development process.

The enterprise-wide aggregation of information and its transformation into knowledge allows to:
  • uniformly access and utilize all life science knowledge
  • utilize knowledge hidden in text
  • activate in-house knowledge
  • cross the border between biological, chemical and clinical worlds
  • correlate experimental results with worldwide knowledge
  • cut the costs of the research and development process
  • make better decisions more quickly

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Metalife's holistic solution combines:
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